Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet the flock Day 1 Twin Springs Maybelline

Hmm where to start? This is my BBG twin springs maybelline, she is one of my original four ewes and is the closest to my heart. at the ripe age of 9, she has a great fleece superb conformation and an adorable puppy dog personality, she is by far my favorite! i know bad shepherd for having favorites but if you knew maybelline you'd understand, I have two of her offspring and many other descendants in my flock, i have her 2007 daughter chanel, and her gorgeous 2010 moorit smirslet/sokket ram lamb tommy, whom i plan to use extensively this fall, he was supposed to be her last lamb for the rest of her (hopefully) many years to come but she had other ideas and weaseled her way in with maple ridge colin one day she was cycling so is now expecting, im very anxious to see what she produces bred too him, im really hoping for a daughter out of her! the past two years she has given me rams so id like another daughter. but if not oh well and she will be retired next year if i have to put her under lock and key next fall!! I will do my best to post a ewe every day or at least every few days until i have gone through the whole flock, lambs are less than two months away and boy am i getting anxious!!!

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