Monday, January 17, 2011


This is the adorable Minwawe Serendippity, a coming 4 year old black/white smirslet sokket. She has spot on conformation, a lovely soft fleece, and adorable looks and after a few months of working with her finally found her inner "puppy dog"!! she is another one of my very loving ewes, one whom i cannot count how many times ive cried into her beautiful wool when things get rough (for those of you who dont know, im not a cry baby, i have major depression/anxiety issues) i can always count on her too be there.. she is bred to minwawe bahama and is due around march 20th, i will most likely retain her lambs this year as she is a favorite of mine and i like to keep the lines of my favorites quite large in my flock.


  1. Her babies are hard to part with for sure! Glad to have her daughters Hope and Dessie here, as well as Storm in place of Bahama. Wonder if she will give you her trademark black and white ewe and moorit and white ram combo? I am glad she connected with you, she showed moments of it here. My animals have always been a comfort to me and I think that is the key to getting through the tough times, having something like them to help you through, no shame in that. It is a smart coping strategy.

  2. Im hoping she will give me her trademark again, but i wouldnt be upset with two ewe lambs :)yes they sure are key, dont know what i would do without them