Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ive been a bad blogger i know but heres new pics

Here are some pics of my two new girls from lynn bliven at wild geese farm, Wild Geese Priscilla musket yuglet, and Wild Geese Holly mioget. I will get better pics with my digital camera when i get it back from my friend all but the baby pic was taken with my cell phone. Holly is bred to wild geese patten and emsket bielset and priscilla is bred to whisprng pines midnight serenade a black smirslet holly is modified and priscilla carries modified as patten is her full brother but shes a year older.
Priscilla as a lamb



Holly and Priscilla

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UTD pics of sheep well most of them

Here are UTD pics on all sheep
-2 or 3 Twin springs Roman For Sale and Wild Geese Liza coming home this weekend and possibly Liza's mom Twin Springs Elsu.....Lambs are due starting March 31st Silver Bell should be the first ewe to lamb.

The Flock

Twin Springs Maybelline

Twin Springs Anna

Twin Springs Juniper

Minwawe Bahama

Minwawe Silver Bell