Monday, January 17, 2011


This is minwawe silver bell, a coming 4 year old black/white smirslet sokket, she has more of a double coated fleece, not as soft as some of my other ewes but still soft and bred to bahama last year produced a VERY soft ram lamb, i repeated that breeding this year in hopes of a soft ewe lamb or two out of the pair. she has nice conformation but is improveable in some areas, she is friendly but only on HER terms. as i said earlier she is bred to minwawe bahama and is due around march 19th. i cannot wait too see what gorgeous lambs she gives me this year, tommorrow (or sometime lol) i will feature her half-sister minwawe serendippity who is another ewe i have high hopes for. also forgot to mention that chanel,anna,silver bell and serendippity are all related, SB and Ser. are chanel and annas aunts on their fathers side


  1. She looks good Mac! I miss her sweet baa...she has the cutest baa ever!

  2. thanks kara! she does have a cute baa! :) anytime you feel like making a trip to PA you can come visit her and the others ;) and thanks for always leaving a comment on here :)