Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More 2012 Lambs!!!

Here are the rest of the 2012 lambs born so far, Twin Springs Anna had twin ewe lambs out of twin springs corbin

                                             Nuss Jete had twins, a black ewe and moorit ram out of ABA Jax, they are pictured below.

                  Sheltering Pines Pyrenees Morn, had triplet black lambs, 2 ewes and a ram out of ABA Jax.

WhisperingPines Morning Glory had twin rams out of ABA Jax, a moorit gulmoget and a solid moorit. 5 more ewes left to lamb and we will be done!! i will keep you posted as the rest arrive, and if any of the lambs interest you or there mothers please let me know!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 lambs, so far!!

Blogger is not being good to me right now so just a quick post, on march 14th wild geese holly gave me two beautiful ewes out of twin springs corbin a moorit flecket...sock, a moorit sokket ewe, and sammie j a moorit smirslet sokket, and last night march 20th spring hills tippy gave me a nice black ram out of aba jax a solid moorit. named mikey