Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 12 LauriesLamb China

This is LauriesLamb China, she is a coming 4 year old solid white ewe who carries mioget. she is bred to maple ridge colin in hopes of a nice mioget or white ewe lamb to retain. she is due march 24th. she has a lovely fleece and fantastic conformation that im hoping she will pass on too her offspring. she is one of my stand-offish ewes but colin is friendly so im hoping her lambs have his personality.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 11 Nuss Tutu

This is Nuss Tutu, a coming 3 year old, grey/white bersugget, she is jete's momma and has the same cute/innocent looks, she has a very soft crimpy fleece, decent conformation and a lovely personality, she is bred to minwawe bahama and is due sometime in the first week of march. she is BIG! i was very tempted to post a hind picture of her too show how big she is but some people get offened by things like that so i decided against it. she might be homozygous black, i will know for sure this spring being bred to bahama. if that is the case she will be for sale. i have too much black in my flock to have a homozygous black ewe.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 10 Nuss Jete

This is Nuss Jete, an adorable coming yearling ewe. She is Ag grey, she is an F2 Brent with a wonderfully soft fleece, with a lot of nice crimp. i generally dont breed my ewe lambs unless they are at least 50lbs. and she is only maybe 4olbs right now. so i hadnt planned on breeding her but she had other ideas. she is bred to maple ridge colin and is due April 10th. im excited to see what she produces, i love her baby doll face and puppy personality, when she does something bad and she gets caught she looks at me with her big brown eyes and ears forward as if too say " i didnt do it. must have been that brat maybelline shes always being bad" much like she is in the picture above. she got caught chasing my kittens

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 9 Sheltering Pines Pyrenees Morn

This is Sheltering Pines Pyrenees Morn, a coming 4 year old grey katmoget, She is my biggest ewe, height wise. she has a very soft crimpy fleece that has a gorgeous blue hue too it. She has a very square back end and a perfect little tail, she has had twins the past two years, her first year a shaela gulmoget and emsket kat. and the second year two grey kats, she is bred to minwawe bahama in hopes of a fawn katmoget ewe lamb. She is one of my favorite ewes in the flock.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This is Whispering Pines Morning Glory (MG for short) a coming 3 year old moorit? fawn? gulmoget she has an EXTREMELY soft fleece with a lot of crimp. she has very nice conformation, perfect size height wise. for my breeding anyway, some people would prefer she be taller. she carries a lot of spots so i put her with minwawe bahama in hopes of a nice spotted gulmoget or two! she is a very friendly ewe and im hoping she passes all of her good qualities onto her babies! she is one of the two ewes i do not have an exact date on this year but i do know it will be sometime within the first two weeks of march. she is quite round so im expecting twins from her :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


This is the adorable Minwawe Serendippity, a coming 4 year old black/white smirslet sokket. She has spot on conformation, a lovely soft fleece, and adorable looks and after a few months of working with her finally found her inner "puppy dog"!! she is another one of my very loving ewes, one whom i cannot count how many times ive cried into her beautiful wool when things get rough (for those of you who dont know, im not a cry baby, i have major depression/anxiety issues) i can always count on her too be there.. she is bred to minwawe bahama and is due around march 20th, i will most likely retain her lambs this year as she is a favorite of mine and i like to keep the lines of my favorites quite large in my flock.


This is minwawe silver bell, a coming 4 year old black/white smirslet sokket, she has more of a double coated fleece, not as soft as some of my other ewes but still soft and bred to bahama last year produced a VERY soft ram lamb, i repeated that breeding this year in hopes of a soft ewe lamb or two out of the pair. she has nice conformation but is improveable in some areas, she is friendly but only on HER terms. as i said earlier she is bred to minwawe bahama and is due around march 19th. i cannot wait too see what gorgeous lambs she gives me this year, tommorrow (or sometime lol) i will feature her half-sister minwawe serendippity who is another ewe i have high hopes for. also forgot to mention that chanel,anna,silver bell and serendippity are all related, SB and Ser. are chanel and annas aunts on their fathers side

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 5 Twin Springs Anna

This is Twin Springs Anna a coming 3 year old moorit smirslet sokket ewe, last year her first lambing she gave me twins, a ewe and a ram, im hoping for twin ewes this year. she is bred to minwawe bahama. she has a lovely soft fleece. and spot on conformation. and a quite lovely personality. she loves animal crackers and gives "kisses" if you say give me a kiss she will put her nose on my cheek she is soo cute

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 4 Twin Springs Chanel

This is Twin Springs Chanel, a coming 4 year old black and white yuglet sokket, she is my ewe maybellines last daughter as of right now. chanel, unlike her mother who adores me, cant stand me!! you can see in the picture she is giving me the stink eye for standing so close too her, the only reason she didnt run is because she was blocked on all four sides, despite her personality issue she is a fantastic ewe, fleece conformation and markings wise and she is maybellines daughter (one of the few reasons she is here in the first place). she is bred to minwawe bahama so im expecting lots of spots here as chanels father is an awesome spotted minwawe ram as well. im hoping for twins and girls to carry on maybellines feminine lines. it may seem like i dont like this ewe very much because of her personality but i do. in fact i adore her. im hoping when she is in her lambing jug i can convince her too be friendly :) tommorrow i plan to feature chanels half sister on her fathers side, twin springs anna

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 3 Twin Springs Ivy

This is Twin Springs Ivy a coming 4 year old SHAELA gulmoget! shes got a long, soft, luxurious fleece that i look forward spinning this year (if i can learn how to spin) she has spot on conformation, she is a bit standoffish but we are slowly getting her friendly before lambs come :) she is bred to maple ridge colin my mioget ram in hopes of a mioget,shaela or emsket, gulmoget, she is due around march 21st

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 2 Twin Springs Juniper

This is Twin Springs Juniper a coming 3 year old black and white katmoget ewe, last spring, her very first lambing she gave me two very nice emsket katmoget ram lambs, both spotted, i belive she is emsket underneath the white, her grandfather on both sides and her father are emsket. I kept one of her rams Spring Hills Nugget and his brother Spring Hills Patches went to live with agood friend of mine kara mapstone where he will surely produce lovely babies for her. Juniper has a lovely long,soft,dense fleece that is too die for. she has a wonderful personality as well which is a major thing in my flock i love having friendly sheep. she has good conformation, her tail is a bit wooly but is easily improved. she is bred to minwawe bahama my fawn yuglet sokket ram and is due around march 24th, im hoping for a nice fawn kat ewe lamb or two too keep out of this pairing, i have loved what juniper has given me so far and cannot wait to she what she gives me in the coming years.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet the flock Day 1 Twin Springs Maybelline

Hmm where to start? This is my BBG twin springs maybelline, she is one of my original four ewes and is the closest to my heart. at the ripe age of 9, she has a great fleece superb conformation and an adorable puppy dog personality, she is by far my favorite! i know bad shepherd for having favorites but if you knew maybelline you'd understand, I have two of her offspring and many other descendants in my flock, i have her 2007 daughter chanel, and her gorgeous 2010 moorit smirslet/sokket ram lamb tommy, whom i plan to use extensively this fall, he was supposed to be her last lamb for the rest of her (hopefully) many years to come but she had other ideas and weaseled her way in with maple ridge colin one day she was cycling so is now expecting, im very anxious to see what she produces bred too him, im really hoping for a daughter out of her! the past two years she has given me rams so id like another daughter. but if not oh well and she will be retired next year if i have to put her under lock and key next fall!! I will do my best to post a ewe every day or at least every few days until i have gone through the whole flock, lambs are less than two months away and boy am i getting anxious!!!