Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Sheep Photos

Here are all of the new additions i have added so far, there may be another ewe coming but nothing is for sure.

LauriesLamb China-white

Nuss Tutu-grey/white bersugget

Nuss Jete-Ag grey

Minwawe Serendippity-black/white yuglet sokket

Shetlrg Pines Pyrenees Morn-grey katmoget

Twin Springs Chanel-Black/white yuglet sokket

Whisprg Pines Morning Glory-moorit gulmoget

Twin Springs Ivy-shaela gulmoget

Maple Ridge Colin-mioget

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Final decisions on the new additions/Breeding Groups

I finally made the final decison, the new additions coming home after the show are as followed: LauriesLamb China-3yr old white ewe, Nuss Tutu-2yr old ewe grey and white bersugget, Nuss Jete-ewe lamb Ag black, Maple Ridge Colin-5yr old mioget ram (grandfather to seneca the ram lamb mentioned in the last post)....Breeding Groups are finally decided as well they are as followed.: Maple Ridge Colin-LauriesLamb China,Twin Springs Ivy,Twin Springs Maybelline; Spring Hills Tommy Boy-Minwawe Silver Bell,Twin Springs Juniper,Nuss Jete;Minwawe Bahama-Spring Hills Rosali,Twin Springs Anna,Minwawe Serendippity,Twin Springs Chanel,Whisprg Pines Morning Glory,Sheltrg Pines Pyrenees Morn; Spring Hills Nugget-Wild Geese Holly,Nuss Tutu