Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alot has happened at the farm since the last post

I know i know its been a long time since i posted last and im sorry to all of you who follow my blog for the wait..but anyways a lot has happened my shaela gulmoget and black/white yuglet sokket ewe arrived about 1.5 weeks ago thought they were going to be my last new sheepies for awhile but i was wrong, a good friend of mine contacted me about a trade so i am now getting a white ewe, a grey and white berssugget ewe and a Ag black ewe lamb in exchange for a ram lamb and a ewe, i will be getting my 3 new beauties at the garden state sheep and wool festival on september 12th, i will post pics of all of the new sheep after i get the newest three home..these WILL be the last three sheep i purchase for awhile (unless someone has a sheep at the festival i cant live without ;) lol ) i will be using 3 possibly 4 rams this fall, minwawe bahama a fawn and white yuglet sokket, spring hills tommy boy a moorit smirslet, spring hills nugget an emsket katmoget, and possibly can too seneca a mioget ram lamb..more info on who will go with who later on.