Thursday, March 24, 2011

LOTS of New Lambs!!!!

Here are pictures of the MANY new lambs i have had born since i last posted, labels of parents and date of birth are under the photos, there are 3 ewes left to lamb i will post pictures of the babies as soon as they come, most of these lambs are/will be for sale!

Twin Rams Lambs (Twin Springs MaybellineXMinwawe Bahama 3/19/11)

Twin Ram Lambs sadly lost the katmoget a few days later, (laurieslamb chinaXspring hills nugget 3/19/11)

One of triplet moorit ewes (wild geese hollyXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

the other two moorit ewes of the triplets (wild geese hollyXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

Solid Moorit Twins, Ewe (left) Ram (right) (whispring pines morning glory/Xminwawe bahama 3/20/11)

Single black yuglet sokket ram lamb (twin springs chanelXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

Triplet black ram lambs (sheltring pines pyrenees mornXminwawebahama 3/22/11)

Ram lamb, had a stillborn sister (twin springs juniperXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Serendippitys Lambs!!!

Minwawe serendippity had twin moorit spotted lambs (with a lot of help from me!) around 4:15pm today out of bahama, i will let the pictures of the big @$$ ram lamb show you why she had such issues delivering him and then his cute innocent little sister who came out like a dream!.
name suggestions are welcomed and needed!!!

Ram lamb with HUGE horn buds and sis in back

brother and sisterly love at minutes old!! check out thos horn buds!!!!!

Cute little sister!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lamb Pictures!!!!

Sorry for the long wait on the pictures!! had some friend/family issues and then new lambs!!! labels will be underneath each picture of who is who.

Thorn, black or shaela gul. ram (Twin springs IvyX Maple Ridge Colin) 3/15/11

Rosebud, most likely mioget ewe, twin to thorn

Crossbred ebony and her ewe lambs, emmi (black) and teeshe (white) from bahama 3/09/11

One of nuss tutus triplets, daisy a black flecket on left and twin springs annas ewe truffles moorit yuglet flecket sokket on the right. both out of bahama and born 2/27/11

Daisy(left),Tippy(rear) and Timmy(front). triplets out of nuss tutu and minwawe bahama born 2/27/11 tippy and her brother tutu are black/white yuglet fleckets and daisy is a black flecket

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I was out of town with a friend who had surgery for a few days thinking nobody would lamb while i was gone becuase nobody was due. boy was i WRONG! my crossbred ewe whom i didnt even think could get pregnant because she has issues most likely from inbreeding where i bought her from had twin ewes out of bahama!!! i have always put her with a ram even though she could breed (well she hasnt the past 3 years!!) and the one is black and the other is white, they are crossed with shetland,karakul and border leciester!! pictures tomorrow!!!