Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 4 Twin Springs Chanel

This is Twin Springs Chanel, a coming 4 year old black and white yuglet sokket, she is my ewe maybellines last daughter as of right now. chanel, unlike her mother who adores me, cant stand me!! you can see in the picture she is giving me the stink eye for standing so close too her, the only reason she didnt run is because she was blocked on all four sides, despite her personality issue she is a fantastic ewe, fleece conformation and markings wise and she is maybellines daughter (one of the few reasons she is here in the first place). she is bred to minwawe bahama so im expecting lots of spots here as chanels father is an awesome spotted minwawe ram as well. im hoping for twins and girls to carry on maybellines feminine lines. it may seem like i dont like this ewe very much because of her personality but i do. in fact i adore her. im hoping when she is in her lambing jug i can convince her too be friendly :) tommorrow i plan to feature chanels half sister on her fathers side, twin springs anna

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