Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recent pics of the lambs

Here are recent pics of some of the lambs...ok so the first 2 arent lambs but they sure are cute :) patches (in the 6th pic) will be going to kara mapstone's on monday. the lambs in pics # 3,5,8 are for sale

Monday, June 21, 2010


Nothing much is new 3 of the 5 new sheep im bringing in this year are coming at the end of the month! those 3 are minwawe serendippity from kara mapstone and sheltrng pines pyrenees morn and whispring pines mornig glory both from jennifer johnson thanks so much too the both of you!! so excited for that! pictures when i get them...still have some nice ram lambs available that would make great flock sires or fiber animals/pets prices are reasonable and negotiable..sadly anybody that doesnt sell will be sent "away"