Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lamb Pictures!!!!

Sorry for the long wait on the pictures!! had some friend/family issues and then new lambs!!! labels will be underneath each picture of who is who.

Thorn, black or shaela gul. ram (Twin springs IvyX Maple Ridge Colin) 3/15/11

Rosebud, most likely mioget ewe, twin to thorn

Crossbred ebony and her ewe lambs, emmi (black) and teeshe (white) from bahama 3/09/11

One of nuss tutus triplets, daisy a black flecket on left and twin springs annas ewe truffles moorit yuglet flecket sokket on the right. both out of bahama and born 2/27/11

Daisy(left),Tippy(rear) and Timmy(front). triplets out of nuss tutu and minwawe bahama born 2/27/11 tippy and her brother tutu are black/white yuglet fleckets and daisy is a black flecket


  1. Oh, you lucky shepherd; you have LOTS of lambs! Daisy looks like some Ag lambs I've had; does she have sugar lips and/or white hairs in her ears?

  2. Cute lambs, lots of spots too. Congratulations on them all :)