Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 13 Wild Geese Holly

Wild Geese Holly is a coming 5 year old solid moorit ewe, with a loving personality,spot on conformation and a luxurious fleece!! she is my biggest ewe as far as weight goes. but she gives me the most correct lambs you have ever seen! she is either bred to minwawe bahama or spring hill nugget, nugget got over with bahama the day she was in heat and saw both of them mount holly but im not sure if anything happened before i got there, so if she gives me a katmoget they are nuggets if she gives me spots they are bahamas, if she gives me solid im in trouble! i wouldnt be upset if nugget bred her because she might be mioget and nugget is emsket! so that would be a nice pairing!! this is the last ewe i will be posting for a few weeks, i have two ewes coming within the next 3 weeks and will post them when they get here!!! and then rams after that and by then new lambs will be coming!!!!

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