Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Sheep Photos

Here are all of the new additions i have added so far, there may be another ewe coming but nothing is for sure.

LauriesLamb China-white

Nuss Tutu-grey/white bersugget

Nuss Jete-Ag grey

Minwawe Serendippity-black/white yuglet sokket

Shetlrg Pines Pyrenees Morn-grey katmoget

Twin Springs Chanel-Black/white yuglet sokket

Whisprg Pines Morning Glory-moorit gulmoget

Twin Springs Ivy-shaela gulmoget

Maple Ridge Colin-mioget


  1. Wow Mac! You've assembled quite the flock! Give the girls a chin scratch from me!

  2. thanks jen and rich! i will do that!..this isnt even half of my flock LOL i will do a meet the whole flock post soon