Monday, May 31, 2010

R.I.P Little oscar

On April 14th 2010 i welcomed cute little oscar and his sister into this world and promised him he'd have the best care around, sadly May 31st 2010 I had to see my baby boy leave this world. He was a great little ram with a lot of potential he will be greatly missed by me and the rest of the flock, the whole flock would come and check on him through the day so at least he died knowing a lot of people and animals cared about him. He got caught up somewhere i belive and broke off part of his one horn and hurt his leg and it got infected and no medicine would cure him. Rest in peace littel guy you are greatly loved and missed


  1. I am so sorry, Mac.
    It is nice to see a young person that is so dedicated to his flock. You are a wonderful shepherd and Oscar was lucky to have you to care for him during his short life.