Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UTD pics of sheep well most of them

Here are UTD pics on all sheep
-2 or 3 Twin springs Roman For Sale and Wild Geese Liza coming home this weekend and possibly Liza's mom Twin Springs Elsu.....Lambs are due starting March 31st Silver Bell should be the first ewe to lamb.

The Flock

Twin Springs Maybelline

Twin Springs Anna

Twin Springs Juniper

Minwawe Bahama

Minwawe Silver Bell


  1. They look great Mac! I am so looking forward to lambing season. I noticed that some of my ewes are beginning to bag up so I would keep an eye on Silver Bell from mid March on. Congrats on your other new additions! Are they bred ewes too? It will be an exciting spring for you.

  2. Thanks Kara! I am looking forward to it as well..ok thanks for letting me know do you think i should shear earlier in case she lambs early? Thanks well i know liza was exposed to a ram out of a sheltrg pines ram im not sure about her mom yet i dont know if im even getting the mom yet. I will hopefully know either tonight or tomorrow, im going to get her/them pn saturday! il post pics when they get home