Friday, October 16, 2009

Official start to this blog

Breeding groups were put together yesterday my moorit spot carrying ram buster got all 5 of my shetland ewes at my farm others coming home after breeding season as they are being bred to other rams my ewes bred to buster all have the prefix twin springs as they cam from twin springs farm in avonmore,PA my ewes at home are maybelline moorit yuglet, anna moorit smirslet, juniper black/white katmoget, abby moorit....coming home soon will be twin springs katie a black and white yuglet flecket who will be put in with buster when she arrives also coming is minwawe silver bell and black yulget sokket who is being bred to minwawe bahama a moorit and white yuglet sokket.....check here for updates on my flock and the sale sheep as well as my website

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