Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More 2012 Lambs!!!

Here are the rest of the 2012 lambs born so far, Twin Springs Anna had twin ewe lambs out of twin springs corbin

                                             Nuss Jete had twins, a black ewe and moorit ram out of ABA Jax, they are pictured below.

                  Sheltering Pines Pyrenees Morn, had triplet black lambs, 2 ewes and a ram out of ABA Jax.

WhisperingPines Morning Glory had twin rams out of ABA Jax, a moorit gulmoget and a solid moorit. 5 more ewes left to lamb and we will be done!! i will keep you posted as the rest arrive, and if any of the lambs interest you or there mothers please let me know!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 lambs, so far!!

Blogger is not being good to me right now so just a quick post, on march 14th wild geese holly gave me two beautiful ewes out of twin springs corbin a moorit flecket...sock, a moorit sokket ewe, and sammie j a moorit smirslet sokket, and last night march 20th spring hills tippy gave me a nice black ram out of aba jax a solid moorit. named mikey

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up and a quick update.

Well  how to start off this post is tough. I know I have been a bad blogger and let the blog slip through the cracks, but this year I PROMISE to keep it updated always!! :-) so here is just a quick update before lambs start and I really start revamping here again!. We had a very good sales year this past summer/fall selling all of my lambs and adults I wanted to thankfully!, I will be starting a meet the flock series soon to show everybody who all I do have left. and I will be posting a breeding list at the end of this post so if you see any crossings that interest you please speak up and I can put you on the waiting list!! :-) also I have taken a totally new direction for this fall and I am going to be starting polled breeding this fall! but I will save all of that for another post!, Here are the Breeding Groups I did this past fall.

ABA Jax (2010 moorit ram)
  1. SheltrgPines Pyrenees Morn (grey katmoget)
  2. Nuss Jete (Ag grey)
  3. Twin Springs Ivy (shaela gulmoget)
  4. Twin Springs Juniper (grey/white katmoget)
  5. WhisprgPines Morning Glory (moorit gulmoget)
  6. Spring Hills Daffodil (emkset)
Maple Ridge Colin (2005 mioget ram)
  1. Laurieslambs China
Twin Springs Corbin (2011 moorit/white caped flecket)
  1. Twin Springs Anna (moorit smirslet)
  2. Wild Geese Holly (light moorit)
  3. Spring Hills Truffles(fawn yuglet flecket)
  4. Minwawe Serendippity (black smirslet sokket)
  5. Twin Springs Chanel (black yuglet sokket)
  6. Twin Springs Masquerade (black smirslet caped flecket)
  7. Spring Hills Tippy (white yuglet)
These are the breeding groups that were done and lambs are due literally ANYTIME now!! I well keep everybody updated as they come and I hope all of you who have read my blog in the past keep reading and I hope to get some new readers as well! I promise to better keep this updated!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

R.I.P baby girl

Today i lost the one that started it all. Maybelline.  from the moment i layed eyes on this beautiful girl 3 years ago i knew she was meant to be mine. she had the looks the personality everything. i loved her and you bet she was my girl. she followed me EVERYWHERE always greeting me with an adorable baa when i would walk in. she was one that couldnt be replaced and never will be. so many memories with her she will forever be in my heart. she will be so greatly missed. R.I.P baby girl

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sales list for this year, so far!

Here is the list of sheep for sale at the farm this year starting with the lambs then adults at the end of the list, i named all of the lambs this year but the new owners may change the name if they would like to, all lambs are registerable and will be registered at the time of the sale.ram lambs can be neutered and sold for fiber,companion or pet animals. contact me for pricing, pictures. etc. mac shenkle (724)422-2914 (cell) (724)357-9605 (home)

Spring Hills Tai Tai (2011) black and white smirslet katmoget twin ram lamb

Spring Hills Daisy(2011) grey and white bersugget triplet ewe lamb

Spring Hills Summer(2011) moorit possibly dark brown smirslet triplet (other siblings already sold) ewe lamb

Spring Hills Tulip(2011) moorit possibly dark brown twin ewe lamb

Spring Hills Burdock(2011) moorit possibly fawn or mioget twin (to tulip listed above) ram lamb

Spring Hills Timmy(2011) black and white yuglet flecket triplet(to daisy listed above) ram lamb

Spring Hills Daffodil aka. daffy (2011) solid black single ewe lamb

Spring Hills Hellboy(2011) moorit yuglet sokket twin ram lamb

Spring Hills Tsunami(2011) black and white smirslet sokket single ram lamb

Spring Hills Andre(2011) black and white yuglet sokket sinlgle ram lamb

Minwawe Silver Bell(2007) black and white smirslet sokket ewe

Nuss Tutu(2008) grey bersugget ewe
Twin Springs Chanel(2007) black and white yuglet sokket ewe 

Twin Springs Juniper (2008)black and white katmoget ewe.

Crossbred lambs:
Teeshe(2011) white
Emi(2011)black smirslet

Thursday, March 24, 2011

LOTS of New Lambs!!!!

Here are pictures of the MANY new lambs i have had born since i last posted, labels of parents and date of birth are under the photos, there are 3 ewes left to lamb i will post pictures of the babies as soon as they come, most of these lambs are/will be for sale!

Twin Rams Lambs (Twin Springs MaybellineXMinwawe Bahama 3/19/11)

Twin Ram Lambs sadly lost the katmoget a few days later, (laurieslamb chinaXspring hills nugget 3/19/11)

One of triplet moorit ewes (wild geese hollyXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

the other two moorit ewes of the triplets (wild geese hollyXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

Solid Moorit Twins, Ewe (left) Ram (right) (whispring pines morning glory/Xminwawe bahama 3/20/11)

Single black yuglet sokket ram lamb (twin springs chanelXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

Triplet black ram lambs (sheltring pines pyrenees mornXminwawebahama 3/22/11)

Ram lamb, had a stillborn sister (twin springs juniperXminwawe bahama 3/21/11)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Serendippitys Lambs!!!

Minwawe serendippity had twin moorit spotted lambs (with a lot of help from me!) around 4:15pm today out of bahama, i will let the pictures of the big @$$ ram lamb show you why she had such issues delivering him and then his cute innocent little sister who came out like a dream!.
name suggestions are welcomed and needed!!!

Ram lamb with HUGE horn buds and sis in back

brother and sisterly love at minutes old!! check out thos horn buds!!!!!

Cute little sister!!!